• MW Solar Power Plant

We have the ability to develop the solar projects, placement, obtain licenses, enter into electricity purchasing contracts (PPA) and provision all related services to invest in solar energy for all domestic and foreign companies. For more information, please contact us.

  • Natural Gas Engine Power Plant



Our long experience in NATURAL GAS POWER PLANT projects has given us confidence to declare with strength that If any companies (IPPs) intend to invest in the electricity producing project (DG , CHP,CCHP, CCGT) , we are able to provide all services related to technical and financial issues and you will not need another company.

  • Financial services and Project Feasibility Study


We are licensed by the ASSOCIATION of BANKING And CERDIT INVESTMENT COSULTANT CENTER (BCICC) to provide all consultancy services related to provide feasibility studies, negotiation with banks, project finance services, and all related aspects. We believe that financing the project is the main pillar of the any project.

  • Foreign Investment In Iran


When companies or individuals from anywhere in the world decide to invest in Iran, they need a domestic partner who is powerful, aware of the issues and Iran regulations, able to prepare a project FS, obtain licenses, registering your own company, prepare a business plan, project management and provide all issues related to your project. We are ready to cooperate and provide whole investment management services.

Before making any investment, please contact us or send us an email.